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October Meeting


Pat Smith joined us for our last meeting and shared with us her antique quilts and her knowledge of the Civil War Era. I wish I had thought about taking notes.  After Lois post them, I will put them here on the blog.

Here are the quilts she shared with us.  All are antique, except for the Dear Jane, which she is working on herself. Beautiful quilts.

And here our TADAS for the month

And now the spread.  Treats – edible and nonedible.



Here they are- new pics for June


Sandy’s Pinwheel Hippie Quilt

Sandy’s pictoral quilt to represent women in exile and textile.

Sandy’s painted peacock with Shiva paint sticks, with an Asian flare.

Sandy’s round- mariner star and deconstructed star with Stonehenge.

Scrap Queen with her very colorful and full of motion quilt top.

Charlotte’s in progress baby quilt

We will miss you and your amazing Overachiever works Sandy! This is a beautiful king size quilt.

Little squares rocking horse.

Whimsical cat and birdies for a shade in her new sewing room!

Julie’s diligently completed quilt. Lots of fairies and very colorful. She also did some neat flowers on the corners.

Jerilyn said she wanted a big bag, well she made one!

Started some 30 years ago it took a back seat to other quilts that needed to be made- marriages, babies…etc. Now complete.

I could not resist getting Jan in her applique action.

Kate also did some pink and green blocks.

Kate’s finished panels.

Lois showing her latest steals from GVQC. So neat!

Florence’s Block of the Month

Love, love, love this picture. And the pansies are beautiful too!

Florence work that will be displayed at the Veterans Home.

A snazzy little bag done up by Ann! Apparently its a kit and Patricia’s.

Amy Butler ish lap quilt

Sandy’s BOM made into a quilt for her husband.