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May Retreat 2012 Day One


Our groups Spring retreat was this past weekend. It was a fabulous weekend in many ways.  The first being the weather.  It was a gorgeous weekend there by the lake.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Perfect weather for a little walk in the morning and then get down for some serious sewing.  Ha!  Serious sewing at retreat?  Nah.  That’s not really what this weekend is for.  I mean it is, somewhat, but what it really is about is the fellowship that surrounds it.  Ours is a beautiful group that is able to laugh at themselves, kick back and have fun.  We are very blessed to have outstanding women in our group.  Beautiful women who know how to sew!

The theme of this retreat was “Garden of Friendship”.  Vicki and crew- Mary, Lynn and Jan  did some scheming and came up with a wonderful weekend  filled with lots of ways to get to know each other better and build our friendships.

On the table the first night at dinner (Click here for a recipe of a similar style chicken that we had) there was a little gift sack filled with all sorts of goodies.  The first item-  a card with the following typed on it:

A Friendship Bag

Here is a little Friendship bag of “tools” for you.

A Band Aid… To Help a friend who needs mending.

A Tissue… To Dry the tears of a friend who is hurting.

A Candy Kiss…  Because everyone needs a little love.

A Rubber Band… To bind us together.

A Mint….  Because that is what friendship is worth.

A Sandpaper… To smooth off any rough edges.

A Button… To close my mouth from unkind words.

A Toothpick…  To be easy going and not too “picky”.

An eraser…  Because it is okay to make mistakes.

A star…  Because everyone is good at something.

Along with it were the little items mentioned.  The other items in the bag were some coupons to fabric stores, a lanyard for a name tag, and a little flower pin.


The bags were so cute- flowers made with friends as petals.

Then there were these cute little flowers that danced  when put in the light.  A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Sandy H. gave me hers so that I could give my daughters one each.  Thank you Sandy.

We had an opening ceremony and got down to sewing!

We also did a paint class, courtesy of Sandy and yours truly.  We shared our knowledge of paint sticks and learned a few things from all of you as well.  (Watch for a future blog post with information and resources about working with paint sticks if you’re interested!) Everyone played with paint sticks, rubbing plates, templates etc.  We went on a nature walk to find things we might be able to transfer images of.  Again a lot of fun and laughter.  Wish I had take more pictures there but I so enthralled in Lois’ painting with the oil sticks.  I think by that time I was pretty tired after the excitement of the day.

For those of you that went, it was pleasure spending the weekend with all of you.  For those that did not go, I hope at some point you can join us.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I post Day 2 and 3.

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