January 2017


June!  Seriously?  Was that the last time I posted?  Goodness gracious!  I really actually have reasons.  Life.  I know you have reasons like that sometimes too.  Summer is always crazy. vacations, kids being off for summer, running me ragged.  My Dad was then diagnosed with cancer in September and then passed away about 1 month later.  My husband told me that his work stability, and the rest of his local crew for that matter was not very stable.  I needed to find employment, like steady, full time employment.  And there were things, private challenges with my daughter.  So, as far as I was concerned, I had nothing left in me for anything else.  Just keeping it together in the storm was enough.  I told my husband I felt like I was in a storm, on the sea, holding onto the outside of the ship with my fingertips.  I really did feel like that.  I retreated into a corner and licked my wounds and my family’s wounds, not to mention my Mother.  Friends were awesome during my time of need.  Checking in with me.  Giving me empathy.  Consoling me.  Thank goodness for the comfort of friends and family.

So, here I am, in April, posting January and after that posting April because I made it to that meeting too.  Wahoo.  Thank Jan for keeping everyone up to speed on the Yahoo Group.  Go Jan!  You rock.  Your notes, so detailed.  Awesome!

I have no idea what Mary’s tip of the month was.  Sorry Mary.

Kate’s Block of the Month from Judy Hopkins book, Handy Andy.


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