Monthly Archives: May 2015

May Retreat


My sincere apologies to you about forgetting my camera at the May meeting.  There was all kind of beautiful quilts there and I was camera-less.  Sigh.

I did bring my camera on retreat though.  We had a full house so there was all kind of projects going on.

Jan shared some of Vicki’s material with everyone.  Jan had everything cut and ready in little kits.  We all had a similar block when finished.  It was a nice idea.  We all shared this together.

Here are some pics from the weekend.

DSC_0534 DSC_0535 DSC_0536 DSC_0540 DSC_0541 DSC_0543 DSC_0544 DSC_0545 DSC_0546 DSC_0547 DSC_0548 DSC_0549 DSC_0550 DSC_0551 DSC_0552 DSC_0554 DSC_0555 DSC_0556 DSC_0557 DSC_0558 DSC_0560 DSC_0561 DSC_0562 DSC_0564 DSC_0566 DSC_0568 DSC_0569 DSC_0570 DSC_0571 DSC_0572 DSC_0573 DSC_0574 DSC_0575 DSC_0576 DSC_0577 DSC_0579 DSC_0580 DSC_0581 DSC_0582 DSC_0583 DSC_0585 DSC_0587 DSC_0588 DSC_0589 DSC_0591 DSC_0592 DSC_0593 DSC_0594 DSC_0595 DSC_0596 DSC_0597 DSC_0598 DSC_0600 DSC_0601 DSC_0602 DSC_0604 DSC_0605 DSC_0607 DSC_0608 DSC_0611 DSC_0615 DSC_0617

DSC_0497 DSC_0498 DSC_0499 DSC_0500 DSC_0501 DSC_0502 DSC_0503 DSC_0504 DSC_0505 DSC_0506 DSC_0507 DSC_0508 DSC_0509 DSC_0510 DSC_0511 DSC_0512 DSC_0513 DSC_0514 DSC_0515 DSC_0516 DSC_0518 DSC_0519 DSC_0520 DSC_0522 DSC_0523 DSC_0524 DSC_0526 DSC_0527 DSC_0528 DSC_0532