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September 2014 Meeting


Upcoming retreat, Columbus Day weekend.  24 participants so far.  Wow!

Charlotte shared her cutting instructions for her new Mystery Quilt- Scarp In A Box.  It will be the size of a generous lap quilt.  Cutting instructions are as follows in case you have lost your sheet.

Finished size: 58″ to 74″ including borders.

Finished block size: 10″

From assorted medium to dark scraps:

  • (18) 2 1/2″ squares
  • (82) 1 1/2″ squares
  • (23) 1 7/8″ squares
  • (96) 2 7/8″ squares, cut on the diagonal. OR (192) 2 1/2″ HST using the Easy Angle Ruler
  • (41) 4 7/8″ squares, cut on the diagonal. OR (82) 4 1/2″ HST using the Easy Angle Ruler
  • (6) different strips at 1 1/2″ by WOF
  • (7) 5 1/4″ squares
  • (8) 3 1/4″ squares

From background fabric:

(Charlotte recommends white, off-white, or very pale color tone-on-tone, preferably all the same fabric but could be scrappy if all the same color. If you’re a fan of print backgrounds, just be careful–too busy a background and you’ll lose the design on this one.)

  • (96) 2 7/8″ squares, cut on the diagonal. OR (192) 2 1/2″ HST using with the Easy Angle Ruler
  • (96) 1 7/8″ squares, cut on the diagonal. OR (192) 1 1/2″ HST using the Easy Angle Ruler
  • (6) strips at 1 1/2″ by WOF

Blender Fabric:

(Charlotte recommends medium value blender/tone-on-tone fabric, preferably all the same fabric, but like the background fabric this could be scrappy as long as it’s all the same color and intensity. Again, too much variation here and you’ll lose the design.)

  • (96) 2 1/2″ squares (Approximately six 2 1/2″ strips will yield 96 squares.)

Sashing, Borders, and Binding

You’ll eventually need approximately 3 yards plus 1/2 yard for contrasting border. However, you may want to hold off choosing this until you see the blocks. Plus, the sashing is kinda special so don’t get ahead of yourself here!

In January the first set of instructions will be revealed.  Now, don’t go getting all sad and everything.  You know you got a bunch of stuff to do until then.  First, there is all that harvesting, holiday baking and getting WIP’s and UFO’s done.  Right?

Fall Banner Project

Vicki gave her fabric requirements for the little Fall banner (so stinkin’ cute) in August.  This meeting the first set of instructions for starting it were handed out.


Dotty’s Pain Chip Star


The back of Lynn’s Scrapitude

Lynn's Scrapitude

Lynn’s Scrapitude


Laila’s Wedding Gift Quilt.


Marilyn has a new ruler. She made all these designs with it!


Sandy’s one of many scarves for a church function.


Sandy’s pencil colored flower.


Lois’s new friend BB. You will be seeing BB from time to time on this blog. She is Lois’s companion for a year. Have fun BB!


Jerilyn’s Sailboat Quilt- all hand quilted.


Julie’s been having some fun with her new embroidery machine. Made some beautiful flowers.

DSC_0124 DSC_0128 DSC_0129 DSC_0131 DSC_0132