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August 2014


Time flies in the summer. I can not believe there is only one week left of summer vacation! Soon we will be thinking about pumpkins, fall baking, autumn breezes, Thanksgiving…

Not sure where we are on the fabric swapping. If someone knows, tell me and I will get it posted here.

Julie would like any recipes at the September meeting if you would like it included int he recipe booklet that she is making up.

The new Mystery Scrap Quilt cutting instructions will be revealed in September.  The name of the new mystery quilt is Scrap In A Box.

Enjoy these last few beautiful days of summer everyone!

Some show and tell this meeting to share. Please excuse the disarray- sometimes the moving of pics can be too complicated.


Row by Row in all kinds of interesting and fun patterns.


A little lesson in hand quilting from Jerilyn.


Some very interesting information about the Seneca Indians. When the Peace Treaty was signed in 1774 (?), it was written that each year, each person of the Seneca tribe would receive a yard of cloth. The one being held here is the kind that they use to get. Calico’s and the like.


This is what the Seneca’s currently receive- a yard of very stiff, muslin type cloth. Not especially useful for anything. They don’t necessarily get as much any more and they don’t necessarily get the cloth either. How things have changed.


Marilyn says the shelter is in need of some bags if you want to make up a few.

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