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May 2014 Retreat


Another wonderful retreat has come and gone.  It was a beautiful weekend despite forecasts of rain.  It was just nippy enough so that we were glad to be inside sewing.

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May Meeting 2014


Mary’s Tip of The Month

Deb Tuckers Rapid Fire Hunter Star ruler. Both Sandy and Mary brought there quilts they made using that ruler. One is the red, black and white. The other one is Batiks.  Both Sandy and Mary spoke about the ease of use with this ruler. Very accurate.  But, then, these two ladies tend to be on the accurate

If you are asking yourself why didn’t Lori put the pics under this heading. Well,you see I am at retreat writing this post on my tablet. If you have a tablet then you know it is not as easy to navigate on. And some people, who shall remain nameless were wondering when I was going to post. Ah hem.

Mary also talked about strip piecing HST. Instead of me trying to relay to you what she said, I will like to a Fons and Porter video. Here it is, click here. I would have embedded it for you but, again, I am working from my tablet.

Spencerport blocks are due in June. You know who you are.

Scrap size for June is five inch square again.

At the end of the meeting we surprised Jan with a few little baby items for her Grandson.  The beautiful boy who fought his way to be here. See her surprise face at the end of this post.


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