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January’s Meeting 2014


January’s Meeting

After much discussion we all decided that scraps were the thing we wanted to exchange.  It was decided that the size may or may not change each month- we would decide on a monthly basis.  The first month February will be 3.5 inch squares- cotton only.  If you want to participate- bring 10- 3 1/2 inch squares to February’s meeting.  There is no sign up.  If you bring them- you get to exchange- if you dont bring them you dont.  Its just that simple. So no pressure.

This Saturday a Ceremony will be held at Pathstones in the city on  400 East Avenue will be held in Sue’s honor.  They will be dedicating a room in Sue’s honor-for the much needed help that Sue selflessly gave to them.  If you would like to go- contact Marilyn.

Name Tag Challenge is on.  It was suggested that we make a name tag in a creative way.  Something other than our usual black and white tags.  So get busy, making something uniquely you.  Due date- whenever you finish- no pressure.

If you are interested in the quilt that Marilyn spoke of, it is the Benjamin Biggs quilt and information about it is posted here, at the Dear jane Blog.


Well- we nearly know the rest of Scrapitude- thanks Charlotte- it was like getting a Christmas present. I love saw tooth stars so I am completely jazzed about this quilt. Cant wait to find out what the final steps are. Click here to go to Sandy’s Blog- Quilting For The Rest Of Us for all the details of what to do next.

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