October Retreat 2013


I forgot my camera when I went to October retreat.  I really enjoy chronicling our groups and its events so I was kind of bummed.  Fortunately one of the ladies, Carol, who joined us for the last retreat took pictures and was willing to share.  Thank you Carol.  She is pictured in the last photograph with her very cool sock machine.  She did have that at retreat and it was pretty fascinating.

I want to say more about the last retreat, but I don’t.  Talking about the last retreat would mean I would have to think about what happened during the last retreat.  The loss of Sue.  But it was part of our experience.  Each and everyone of us matter. Each person who comes to retreat offers something to the group. Well, that really goes for all experiences doesnt it?   I know I am not alone to say that our group is special.  I love how we connect.  No matter what our opinions are, our backgrounds, our lifestyles, our interests…  We all share a common connection and that is quilting.  We are joined in that way.  But I feel our group is special.  Special because it is not catty, gossipy or snobby.  People are welcomed and loved. At least I hope everyone feels that way.  Each of us make a contribution to that spirit of the group.  To lose someone is pretty devastating. A little piece of the quilt is changed.  You will be forever in our hearts Sue, for all that you contributed to the group.  The hokey pokeys, the sarcastic wit, your amazing stitchery on your “crazy quilt”, the dedication you had to the shelter and its people, the love in which you reached out to those in need… will be forever missed by us all. Rest in peace beautiful!


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