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October Retreat 2013


I forgot my camera when I went to October retreat.  I really enjoy chronicling our groups and its events so I was kind of bummed.  Fortunately one of the ladies, Carol, who joined us for the last retreat took pictures and was willing to share.  Thank you Carol.  She is pictured in the last photograph with her very cool sock machine.  She did have that at retreat and it was pretty fascinating.

I want to say more about the last retreat, but I don’t.  Talking about the last retreat would mean I would have to think about what happened during the last retreat.  The loss of Sue.  But it was part of our experience.  Each and everyone of us matter. Each person who comes to retreat offers something to the group. Well, that really goes for all experiences doesnt it?   I know I am not alone to say that our group is special.  I love how we connect.  No matter what our opinions are, our backgrounds, our lifestyles, our interests…  We all share a common connection and that is quilting.  We are joined in that way.  But I feel our group is special.  Special because it is not catty, gossipy or snobby.  People are welcomed and loved. At least I hope everyone feels that way.  Each of us make a contribution to that spirit of the group.  To lose someone is pretty devastating. A little piece of the quilt is changed.  You will be forever in our hearts Sue, for all that you contributed to the group.  The hokey pokeys, the sarcastic wit, your amazing stitchery on your “crazy quilt”, the dedication you had to the shelter and its people, the love in which you reached out to those in need… will be forever missed by us all. Rest in peace beautiful!


November Meeting (Scrapitude and Seamly Stitching Updates)


Oh, we miss Lori and her really nice camera so much! Once again, because Lori’s off gallivanting with her family, you’re stuck with Sandy’s cell phone pictures. Apologies for not-so-great picture quality out of the way, now we’re off and running!

As it was our first meeting without our friend Sue Reynolds, we had a time of remembrance for all that she had brought to our guild. We came to consensus about sending a donation to Pathstone, the women’s shelter she’d connected us to. We’re giving a donation out of our group account but individuals are also invited to make gifts in her memory. If you’d like to send a donation, it can go to: Pathstone Battered Women’s Shelter, P.O. Box 364, Albion, NY 14411.

We’re also working out details about how to continue donating supplies to the shelter through our guild (and Brockport guild). Future donation needs will be posted to the Yahoo group.

Other notes:

Sew days this coming Friday and Saturday. Post in the Yahoo group if you intend to be there and haven’t signed up for it yet.

May Retreat: May 16-18. If you intend to go, please get your deposit to Vickie as soon as possible. (Connect with her through the Yahoo group or via email.)

December Meeting–Christmas party: Next month, we’ll start at 6:00 p.m. If you remember what dish you signed up for, bring it. If you don’t remember, or if you didn’t sign up, just bring whatever flips your switch–it’ll all work out! If you’d like to participate in a gift exchange, bring a wrapped gift for the grab bag–no more than $10 in value. No show n’ tell next month–so if you’re making quilty things as Christmas gifts that won’t still be around for show n’ tell in the January meeting, be sure to post pics in the Yahoo group so we can still ooh and aah!

Paper Pieced Block of the Month: For next month, do #102 on page 75 (flower pot).

Spencerport Block Challenge: We discussed a new deadline for our blocks depicting landmarks and scenes around Spencerport. The decision was to have our blocks done by the June guild meeting, which is on Tuesday, June 10. If you didn’t already sign up, you can always choose to do one! I’ve been asked to dig up the sign-up list and post it in the Yahoo group, which I’ll try to do soon.

Scrapitude Step 3: Posted on my blog! (Click here for the link. Note that you can subscribe by email or in a feed reader using links on the sidebar of the blog.)

Seamly Stitching Part 3: Posted on Jan’s blog! (Click here for the link. Note that you can subscribe through Blog Lovin’ using a button on the sidebar of the blog.)

Tip of the month: If you’ve got a Sew Steady portable table, Mary will rip it’s legs off for you. Okay, but seriously…check your table. Some of them may look like the legs don’t come off but they actually do. Give them a little tug and see if they separate. (Older models may not have been made the same way as newer ones.)

Other uses for a Sew Steady table:

  • I use mine as a lightbox by laying my foldable Ott light out flat, light-side up, underneath the table and taping my design for tracing on the top of the table.
  • Jan showed us how to convert the table into a handy free-motion-quilting practice tool. Tape a ballpoint pen or sharpie to the inside of the throat cut-out, and use a piece of paper as if it were a quilt sandwich. Check out this video:

I think that’s it. Next month, back to nice pictures from Lori!

Peace out. Sandy H.