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August Meeting


So are you ladies ready for Charlotte’s Scrapitude Quilt?  Next month there is a swap of 2 1/2 inch squares if you are interested.  And we begin our mystery quilt hosted by our lovely Charlotte.  Oh, and it recently came to my attention that she does buy fabric sometimes.  A little inside joke.  But to explain, Charlotte has taken many of our scraps and made AMAZING quilts with them, rarely buying fabric except for backings, borders or sashing.  So we just had to tease her about that.  Why?- because we love you Charlotte.  Truth be told we think you do wonderful things with those scraps.  Hence our beloved mystery quilt!

Sandy H is challenging people to create a Banned Book Mini Quilt (no more than 16 inches) to represent a book that is on the Banned Book List.  Finished projects need to be submitted at next meeting or no later that September 14th to the Ogden Farmers Library.  These mini’s will be displayed at the library during Banned Book Week.  Click here for the PDF fomated link Banned Book List.

The block for our Paper Piecing People is an umbrella Block number 71 on page 60.

The color of the month for the strip club is brown.

The tip of the month from our tipper Mary is “Patterns can be wrong.”  And a worthy tip that is, especially to a beginner.  Of course you should read it a couple times before you discern a mistake.  I think it is important for everyone to know, beginner or not, that you should make an effort to contact the pattern maker for the sake of your fellow quilters out there.  Even if you cant change what other people bought, sometimes the pattern makers will post the mistakes and corrections on their website. So please do let them know.
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