Members Reception


Most of the ladies on the Members Reception for Genesee Valley Quilt Club are from our group or Brockport as well.  I wanted to share this post to show you all what a splendid job they did.

Vicki tirelessly stitched together some flowers for these beautiful center pieces.  Aren’t they adorable.  She also cut and hemmed the gold lame and anybody that has worked with lame will know what a pain in the behind that is to do.  Kudos Miss Vicki.

DSC_0644 Here is another angle… so pretty.


And then there is the amazing chocolate fountains.  Kathy and Lois, chopped all the fruit, and prepared everything that was needed to pull these beauties off.  There were two chocolate fountains on either side of the room.

DSC_0654Imagine our surprise when everything flowed out smoothly.

DSC_0653And after all that, a glass of wine was in order.  The lovely people from Lake Ontario Wine and Arbor Hill joined us for the festivities. Some enjoyable tastings.

DSC_0655 DSC_0657

And what, I forgot a picture of the cheese I helped to get?  Okay, so, I had a little part in all this but it certainly doesn’t compare to the work that these ladies did.  Wading through the paperwork of Wegman’s to get some cheese and crackers was a little challenging but nevertheless, easily done.  But these ladies and myself helped to set up the trays and oh, yes, sample to make sure it was okay for the general population.

DSC_0648And Marie, she headed up this whole project/committee.  Our fearless and tireless leader organized, guided and assisted every step of the way.  She had a vision and I think we all pulled it off in a grand way!


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