March Meeting


I know – it takes me forever to put up the post.  Especially when you are awaiting Charlotte’s cut list for the upcoming Mystery Quilt a la Charlotte.  It takes a while to crop down those photos.  But always my goal is to get it done before the next Tuesday following our meeting.

Charlotte’s Cutting Criteria (yes I like alliteration)

4.5 yards of focus material- such as black, white, a solid or reads like a solid

assorted bright, medium to dark scraps depending on your focus fabric

369      2.5 inch squares

32        5.25 squares

64       4   7/8 squares

56       2   7/8 squares

ccq 35 ccq 34 ccq 33 ccq 32 ccq 31 ccq 30 ccq 28 ccq 27 ccq 29 ccq 26 ccq 25 ccq 24 ccq 23 ccq 22 ccq 21 ccq 20 ccq 19 ccq 18 ccq 17 ccq 16 ccq 14 ccq 13 ccq 12 ccq 11 ccq 10 ccq 8 ccq 7 ccq 6 ccq  15 ccq2 ccq1 ccq 4

ccq3ccq 17


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  1. Thanks for this! Now I don’t feel I missed quite as much by not being there, LOL. Charlotte’s cut list is also very useful. Guess I’ll have to start chopping up my 2 1/2″ strips into squares!

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