Retreat Days 1 and 2


Fall is such a beautiful time of year.  Each year is just as breath taking as the last.  The colors are just so brilliant and captivating.


The retreat set in Silver Lake NY is a great place to escape to for a weekend of sewing and fellowship.  Very comfortable surroundings and beautiful views. Lovely!


The Retreat committee has done a super job preparing for the retreat.  Lots of little details and a wonderful theme.  This time the theme was Blessings.  We say it, things that I am grateful for and what others mean in our lives.  But this weekend we also took a look at what we do for others.  How we ourselves are a blessing to others.  This is such an important thing for us to realize.  Just how important the little things are that we do for others.  So true.  We all make such a difference in each others lives.


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  1. Wow, another great looking weekend, sorry I could not be there. Looks beautiful, but the leaves on my trees here are turning and beginning to fall. According to the weather people, we are in fall, with 60’s at night and hi 70’s low 80’s. I see Kate made me a lovely blue quilt and Jan made me a nice bag. I’ll keep looking in the mail for when the packages arrive! 😉 But, I won’t hold my breath! Miss you all, and I saw that Lois let you all know my Mom passed away last week. As I told others, it wasn’t part of my plans, but obviously I’m not in charge of His plans. Take care, Sandy Mac.

    Who was awarded the “Over-Achiever Award”??????

  2. WAAAAAAHHHHH! I missed you all, although I had a wonderful weekend with my husband. I just want to be able to do it all! Great pics–love the quilt hanging over the cutting table with the light shining through it. And, of course, all those beautiful fall leaves and the lake. Lovely!

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