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Quilt Retreat Part II


So I am going to say this right upfront.  I hate getting my picture taken.  But someone explained to me that no matter how much you hate it, think of those you love wanting pictures of you for memories sake.  And if you think about it, dont you cherish those pictures of Grandma or who ever? With that said, let me take your picture and please don’t be too upset if I don’t take the perfect shot of you.  We love you from any angle!  Okay?


Without further ado, here is the tada portion of retreat!

Jan in her auctioning role. You crack us up woman!

Sonya and her Dragon… what was that called again?

Love the lighthouse Kate and you KNOW I loved the blue stars. Absolutely beautiful!

Mary and her finished beautiful batiks.

Oh the beautiful pile of applique. Can’t wait to see it all together and quilted.

Dona, who joined us from Brockport and her lovely Dahlia beginnings!

Julie’s stained glass.

MIss Artista, hiding under her fun Halloween hanging.

Our Newbie! Didn’t she do a great job?

A piece of a knapsack. Looking forward to seeing that altogether.

Kathy’s quilt. Love those colors.

A little quilt for an upcoming shower by Kathy.

A start on a Halloween wall hanging.


Rose had a birthday while at retreat. Happy Birthday. This quilt is for her son who has been to Iraq. The cowboy quilt is for her Grandson. Much respect and honor to your son!

My Kaffe quilt beginning. And my ultra modern blocks in the background.

Beautiful Kaffe ‘S’ quilt.


Lindy’s Christmas cutie.

Lindy was generously given some redwork done by Pat and is making a sweet little quilt out of.

Some little carriers for id and phone.

Pats finished Hawaiian quilt- so gorgeous!

Another Pat quilt with beautiful embroidery work!

An over the Marie shoulder for a peak at her Christmas square.

More of Marie’s terrific Christmas scenes.

Sue’s 1600 quilt. I love it!

Apparently Sue was loving the 1600 quilt as well.

Sue’s next project.

Vicki (and all her talent) found this picture on the internet and then made a little paper pieced block out of it. Wow!

Tara’s mini quilt wall hanging. So adorable.

Another project for Tara.

Jan’s fabulous, custom built bag!

Dottie and her work. Love the autumn leaf that is driving you crazy!


Lots of blue and white. You may be sick of it but the end product was well worth it. Stunning.



Lois and her block.

A piece of a quilt that Lois is designing. I am looking forward to seeing that.

I want to say big blue ocean quilt when I see this beauty. That is what it reminds me of. Its so tranquil and lovely Jill.

Charlotte’s block.


Charlotte actually went out and bought fabric for a quilt. Blow me down! 🙂

Last but certainly not least, Lynn’s beautiful quilt in progress.



















Retreat Days 1 and 2


Fall is such a beautiful time of year.  Each year is just as breath taking as the last.  The colors are just so brilliant and captivating.


The retreat set in Silver Lake NY is a great place to escape to for a weekend of sewing and fellowship.  Very comfortable surroundings and beautiful views. Lovely!


The Retreat committee has done a super job preparing for the retreat.  Lots of little details and a wonderful theme.  This time the theme was Blessings.  We say it, things that I am grateful for and what others mean in our lives.  But this weekend we also took a look at what we do for others.  How we ourselves are a blessing to others.  This is such an important thing for us to realize.  Just how important the little things are that we do for others.  So true.  We all make such a difference in each others lives.

October Meeting


Pat Smith joined us for our last meeting and shared with us her antique quilts and her knowledge of the Civil War Era. I wish I had thought about taking notes.  After Lois post them, I will put them here on the blog.

Here are the quilts she shared with us.  All are antique, except for the Dear Jane, which she is working on herself. Beautiful quilts.

And here our TADAS for the month

And now the spread.  Treats – edible and nonedible.