May Meeting


Hi All!

As usual lots of fun and laughter last night. Lots of beautiful quilts too.  What can be better than hanging out with a bunch of fun women who know how to laugh and have fun and are creative to boot.  Lucky us!

We celebrated Sandy’s retirement with cake made by Mary.  Thank you Mary for your beautiful and delicious cake. Congratulations Sandy.  We are very happy for you that you will soon be surrounded by loved ones in a beautiful and warm place.

A cake for you Sandy

Vicki asked for support in helping her win the Lion Brand contest.  If you would like to do your part, click here to go to the Lion Brand website.

And now the pics…


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  1. We are a zany multitalented group! Thank you Lori for doing the blog to keep us up to date.
    Vicki S.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful cake, glad you had a party even though I was not able to attend. But a piece is frozen in the church freezer, I will still be able to enjoy it. Retreat was great fun, and thanks for the tissue help! See you in June, the day after my birthday! Maybe I should bring a cake, ha, ha. Sandy Mac

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